Letter: The Best Real Estate Agent I’ve Ever Had

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To the editor:

My name is Paula and I live in Kelowna. As many of you readers, it was time for me and my spouse to downsize so we listed our home in the fall of 2017. We received lots of showings but were advised for many reasons, mostly: too many levels, where is my mother-in-law going to live, we need a kitchen in the basement, (sub pump in basement not doable or if it is it would cost money) how am I going to get up the driveway etc. Then I had a medical emergency and well we took the home off the market and re-listed in March 2018 and we received an offer for $825,000, which we turned down as this is close to what we bought for. We were all getting annoyed including our realtor as our home is gorgeous/older but we did a lot of updates, but I guess everybody wants this grand room open concept and although our rooms are large, we have lots of them.

Then one day I saw an ad on TV with AJ Hazzi and the Shark tank lady Barbara, saying if I do not sell your home I will buy it. I decided to research this and invited AJ to our home and get the inside scoop. He was very professional, welcoming and informative. He understood our situation and said if we want and are willing he would love to take on selling our home. And yes if he does not sell it he will buy it.

I was still sceptical and thought there is no way he is going to buy my home if he does not sell it and if he does sell it at a higher price we will get that price and if he sells it at a lower price he will still give us his purchase price. I wanted to believe him but I was still sceptical because today people seem to me to be all about themselves and gaining for them only. Yet in this deal if true, it seemed to benefit us and not AJ. So my spouse and I said let’s do it we put our trust and faith in AJ and low and behold after the time period stated in our contract he bought our home. I was flabbergasted in disbelief but happy. I sent it to my lawyer and asked was it legit and he said absolutely it is a firm solid contract to purchase my home.

We still worked closely with our realtor to resell the home and he did – but at a loss to him, not us. He still gave us his price, which was a good $75,000 above what he sold it for. Because of all the changes in the banks with real estate etc. the market went to a very slow crawl around July of this year making it more difficult to sell our beautiful, but unique design of a home. We felt terrible I lost sleep, was sick, I cried a lot and then AJ said “stop feeling sorry for me you answered my ad and I am going to honour my words.”

How many people can say they would do this? I am writing this letter on my own will and AJ has no clue I have done so, I guess he will now when he reads this. I want to pay it forward. Why would I have such a unique, honourable lovely man cross our paths and not share to let other people know about him, his work, his integrity and love of real-estate?

So many stories are about bad things that happen, I wanted to share a good thing. Why on earth would you list or buy from anyone other than AJ Hazzi? If you are wanting to buy or sell your home please contact AJ Hazzi Real-estate in Kelowna info@ajhazzi.com.

– by Paula Gunn

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