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The conduit

By providing a solution for all parties, the Cash Offer program by Vantage West Realty can carve out an exceptional return, whilst providing a much-needed service to both customer segments.

Meet the team

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Adrian (A.J.) Hazzi of Cash Offer's headshot in navy suit and white shirt

Adrian Hazzi

GP and Managing Partner of the Vantage Group of Companies.

Cash Offer's Troy Howell; headshot with light blue background

Troy Howell

Founding Limited Partner and Head of R&D

Cash Offer's Aaron Dow; headshot with dark grey suit and red tie

Aaron Dow

Partner at Farris Law and our Partnership’s legal council

Cash Offer's Brad Levang; headshot with paisley blue shirt and navy jacket

Brad Levang

Certified Accountant and our partnership’s in house Controller and Accountant

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